The Class Browser pane allows you to browse classes and their properties. While browsing classes, you can add a control to a form by dragging properties from the Class Browser pane to a form that is being authored in the authoring pane.

The Class Browser pane can display classes from any management pack that is in the Library folder and from any management pack that has been opened in the Authoring Tool. When you select a class, the Class Browser pane displays the properties that are specifically defined for that class and the internal properties generated by the system. By default, the Library folder is in the following location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft System Center\Service Manager 2010 Authoring\Library.

When you select a management pack in the Class Browser pane, all the classes from the selected management pack are displayed, and you can expand the class for which you want to view properties. When you select All Management Packs, all the classes from all the management packs in the Library folder are displayed. Whenever you change the selection of management pack, you need to refresh the Class Browser pane.

To browse a class

  1. If the Class Browser pane is not visible in the Authoring Tool, click View, and then click Class Browser.

  2. In the Class Browser pane, in the management pack list, select the management pack that contains the class that you want to browse. For example, select the System Library management pack.

  3. Locate the class that you want to view, such as the Computer class.

    • To view the details of the class, such as Description and Internal Name, right-click the class and then click Details.

    • To view the list of class properties, such as Display Name and Asset Status, expand the class in the Class Browser pane. To further view details of a property, right-click the property and click Details.

    • To open the management pack that contains the definition of the class, right-click the class and click View.