The second step in the Woodgrove Bank customization scenario is to customize the default Change Request form. Ken wants to rearrange some fields on the form and then add the Woodgrove Bank logo. Before Ken starts, he views the fields in the form to see how the values change according to the properties that are selected.

Next, Ken opens the management pack file in the System Center Service Manager Authoring Tool, he customizes the form, and then saves the management pack file. Later, he must import the customized management pack into the Service Manager console.

To view the System.AddComputerForm form

  1. In the Authoring Tool, expand Forms in the Management Pack Explorer pane. Right-click the System.AddComputerForm form, and then click Customize to open the form in the authoring pane.

  2. In the authoring pane, ensure that the Details pane is visible. If it is not, click View, and then click Details Window.

  3. Select a field on the form. Note that the properties in the Details pane are updated according to the class property that is bound to the field that you selected. Note the Binding Path entry in the Details pane. This entry indicates the property that the field in the form represents.

To customize the Default Change Request Form

  1. In the Authoring Tool, click File, point to Open, and then click File. In the Open File dialog box, locate the management pack. For example, the path might be as follows:

    D:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft System Center\Service Manager 2010 Authoring\Library\

    Select the management pack, and then click Open.

  2. In the Management Pack Explorer pane, click the Service Manager Change Management Library (sealed) management pack, and then expand Forms. Right-click the form that ends with ChangeRequestForm, and then click Customize.

  3. In the Target Management Pack dialog box, select the Automated Activity - Add Computer To AD Group management pack, and then click OK.

    A new form item now appears in the Automated Activity - Add Computer To AD Group management pack. The name of the new form is Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.ChangeManagement.Forms.ChangeRequestForm (Customized).

  4. Right-click the new form item, and then click Customize to open it in the authoring pane.

  5. In the authoring pane, customize the look of the form by dragging fields and rearranging their location on the form.

  6. Click View, and then click Form Customization Toolbox.

  7. Drag the Image icon from the Form Customization Toolbox to the form.

  8. In the Insert Image dialog box, specify the path of the Woodgrovebank.jpg file.

  9. Click File, and then click Save All to save the custom management pack.