You can use the following procedures in the Application Virtualization Server Management Console to specify the duration (in months) of Application Virtualization System usage information you want to store in the database.

 To store usage information, you must select the Log Usage Information check box on the Provider Pipeline tab. To display this tab, right-click the provider policy in the Provider Policies Results pane and select Properties.

To set up usage reporting

  1. Right-click the Application Virtualization System node in the left pane, and select System Options.

  2. Select the Database tab.

  3. Select the Keep Usage For (Months) or Keep All Usage radio button.

  4. If you choose to specify usage duration in months, enter a number from 1 to 120 (default value is 6 months). If you select Keep All Usage, the database will grow until it reaches the specified size limit.

  5. Click Apply or OK.

To disable usage reporting

  1. Click the Provider Policies node.

  2. Right-click Provider Policy and select Properties.

  3. Select the Provider Pipeline tab.

  4. Clear the Log Usage Information check box.

  5. Click Apply or OK.

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