The process for an automatic upgrade is the same as for adding a package version in the Application Virtualization Server Management Console. An automatic upgrade is performed when you resequence the application in an existing package. Then you can add this new version to your servers for streaming.

When you upgrade a package with a new version, you can leave the existing version in place or delete it and leave only the newest one. You might want to leave the old version in place for compatibility with legacy documents or so that you can test the new version before making it available to all users.

To upgrade a package automatically

  1. Copy the new SFT file to the Application Virtualization Server's content folder.

    If resequencing did not add features that changed the Open Software Descriptor (OSD), icon (ICO), or Sequencer Project (SPRJ) files, you do not need to copy those. You can include these files if you want all these files to display the same date.
  2. In left pane of the Application Virtualization Server Management Console, expand Packages.

  3. Right-click the package you want to upgrade, and select Add Version.

  4. In the Add Package Version dialog box, browse for or type the full path name for the new application version in the Full Path for the file field. This must be an SFT file.

  5. Click Next.

  6. The Summary dialog box shows the file location and prompts you to copy the file there if you have not already done so. Click Finish after you have verified the information.

    The new version is now complete and ready to stream.

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