The process for creating a report from the Application Virtualization Server Management Console is the same regardless of the report type. When you select a report type, the window displays a brief description of the selected report.

  When you create a report, you specify the parameters that are used for collecting the data when the report is run. Until you run a report, no data is collected.

To create a report

  1. Run the New Report Wizard by right-clicking the Reports Node and selecting New Report from the pop-up menu.

  2. On the first page of the New Report Wizard, enter a name in the Report Name field and select the Report Type from the drop-down list of reports. Depending on which report you select, the remaining pages in the wizard change according the requirements of that report type. Scan the following list of pages to find the pages that refer to your report:

    1. Report Period—Select a radio button to specify the frequency for running the report.

    2. Server—Select the Server, Server Group, or Enterprise radio button, and then select the server group and server from the corresponding drop-down list and field as enabled.

    3. Application—Select an application from the drop-down list of available applications.

  3. Click Finish.

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