You can centrally manage publishing applications to the Application Virtualization Client from the Application Virtualization Server Management Console. For example, you can assign access to applications and define when and how often the Application Virtualization Desktop and Terminal Services Clients need to refresh that information. You can set the clients to refresh this information on a set schedule or every time the user logs in to the client. Also, you can use the console's application publishing functionality to enable users to see which applications are published (or available) to the client.

Before the client can refresh the publishing information, the client must know about the Application Virtualization Management Server. You configure the client with the necessary information about the server when you install the client.

When a client contacts the server for application publishing information, the server provides the client with the list of applications that the user has permission to access and the location of the corresponding Open Software Descriptor (OSD) files. The server also provides the relevant information about icons, file type associations, and shortcuts.

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