The Applications node is one level below the Application Virtualization System node in the Scope pane. When you select this node, the Results pane displays a list of applications. Right-click the Applications node to display a pop-up menu that contains the following elements:

New Application Group

Displays the New Application Group Wizard.
New Application

Displays the New Application Wizard.
Import Applications

Imports Open Software Descriptor (OSD) files or Sequencer Project (SPRJ) files.
New Window from Here

Opens a new management console with the selected node as the root node.

Refreshes the view of the server.

Displays the help system for the Application Virtualization Management Console.

When you right-click any application group that appears under the Applications node in the Scope pane, the following additional elements are available.


Changes the appearance and content of the Results pane.

Moves the application to another application group.

Copies an application to a new Application Virtualization System.

Deletes an application.

Renames an application.
Export List

Creates a tab-delimited text file that contains the contents of the Results pane. This item displays a standard File Save dialog box where you specify the location for the text file you are creating.

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