The Provider Policies Results pane in the Application Virtualization Server Management Console displays a list of the available provider policies.

Right-click any provider policy to display the following elements.


This menu item enables you to delete a provider policy from the Results pane.

This menu item enables you to change the name of a provider policy in the Results pane.

This menu item displays the Properties dialog box for the selected provider policy. The Properties dialog box has the following tabs:
  • General—Enables you to select the Manage client desktop using the Management Console check box if you want to centrally manage shortcuts on the client desktops from the Application Virtualization Server Management Console. If you choose to manage shortcuts from the console, you can select check boxes to refresh the desktop every time a user logs in and at intervals you specify.
  • Group Assignment—Enables you to add and remove user groups assigned to the provider policy.
  • Provider Pipeline—Enables you to specify the authentication required. You can choose either the Anonymous Authentication, Basic Authentication, or Windows Authentication option from the drop-down list. If you choose the Anonymous Authentication option from the list, you can browse for an anonymous user and specify a password in the User Password field.
    • Select the desired check boxes for Enforce Access Permission Settings, Log Usage Information, and Licensing. If you select the Licensing check box, select Audit License Usage Only or Enforce License Policies from the drop-down list. The first option monitors license usage, while the second option strictly enforces your licensing policy. Click Finish, and then read the prompt and click OK to continue.

Displays the help system for the Application Virtualization Server Management Console.

Right-click anywhere in the Results pane, except on a provider policy, to display a pop-up menu that contains the following elements.


Select this menu item to refresh the view of the provider policies.
Export List

With this menu item, you can create a tab-delimited text file that contains the contents of the Results pane. This item displays a standard File Save dialog box where you specify the location for the text file you are creating.

This menu item lets you change the appearance and content of the Results pane.
Arrange/Line Up Icons

These menu items can be used to change how the icons are displayed in the Results pane.

Displays the help system of the Application Virtualization Server Management Console.

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