Use the Create Package page to add optional comments and to specify where the package will be saved. You can also specify whether the package should be compressed. After you have configured the options on this page, click Create to create the new virtual application package.

This page contains the following elements:


Add optional comments that will be associated with the new virtual application package. The comments that you add help identify the purpose or version of the virtual application package.
Save Location

Click Browse and specify to which location you want to save the package (.sprj file).
Compress Package

Select the Compress Package check box to compress the package, which can help enhance package streaming to target computers. We recommend that you select this option for packages that are larger than 4 GB. The current uncompressed package size is also displayed.
If the original package size is more than 4 GB and compressed, by default, the checkbox is checked and cannot be changed. If the original package is compressed and less than 4 GB, the check box is checked, but can be cleared.

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