You can use an App-V project template to apply common settings associated with an existing virtual application package to a new virtual application package. Using App-V project templates can help streamline the process of creating virtual application packages by configuring common settings before you begin sequencing an application.

You can only apply an App-V project template when you are creating a new virtual application package. Applying project templates to existing virtual application packages is not supported. Additionally, you cannot use a project template in conjunction with a Package Accelerator.

For more information about creating App-V project templates, see How to Create an App-V Project Template.

To apply an App-V project template

  1. To start the Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer, on the computer on which App-V Sequencer is installed, click Start / All Programs / Microsoft Application Virtualization / Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer.

  2. To create a new virtual application package by using an App-V project template, click File / New From Template.

  3. To select the project template that you want to use, browse to the directory where the project template is saved, select the project template, and then click Open.

  4. Create the new virtual application package. The settings saved with the specified template will be applied to the new virtual application package that you are creating. For more information about creating a new virtual application package, see How to Determine Which Type of Application to Sequence, and select the appropriate procedure.

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