Use the Select Primary page to specify the installation file of the program that the add-on or plug-in will be associated with. If the parent application is not already installed on the computer running the App-V Sequencer, you must stop this procedure and install it now.

For example, if you are installing a plug-in that is designed to operate with Microsoft Excel, you must specify Excel.exe.

You can also use an existing virtual application package as the parent application. To use an existing virtual application package, use the following procedure before sequencing the new add-on or plug-in.

  1. To start the App-V Sequencer, on the computer that is running the App-V Sequencer, click Start / All Programs / Microsoft Application Virtualization / Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer.

  2. To expand an existing package to the computer running the Sequencer, click Tools / Expand Package to Local System.

  3. Browse to, and select the package (.sprj file) that you want to expand, and then click Open.

This page contains the following elements:


Click Browse to specify the program that the add-in or plug-in you are sequencing will be associated with.

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