You can use the following procedure to publish shortcuts to an application directly from the Results pane of the Application node in the Application Virtualization Client Management Console.

To publish application shortcuts

  1. Move the cursor to the Results pane, right-click the desired application, and select New Shortcut from the pop-up menu to display the New Shortcut Wizard.

  2. On the first page of the New Shortcut Wizard, select an icon and specify a name for the shortcut.

    1. Change Icon—Displays a standard Microsoft Windows icon browser. Browse to and select the desired icon.

    2. Shortcut Title—Enter the name you want to give the shortcut. This field defaults to the existing name and version of the application.

  3. On the second page of the wizard, determine the location of the published shortcut.

    1. The Desktop—Select this check box to publish the shortcut to the desktop.

    2. The Quick Launch Toolbar—Select this check box to publish the shortcut to the Quick Launch toolbar.

    3. The Send To Menu—Select this check box to publish the shortcut to the Send To menu.

    4. Programs in the Start Menu—When you select the Start Menu checkbox, this field becomes active. Leave this field blank to publish the shortcut directly to the root of the Programs folder, or enter a folder name or hierarchy—for example, "My_Computer\Office Applications." Shortcuts created this way are available only for the current user.

    5. Another location and Browse button—When you select the Another location checkbox, this field becomes active. Enter any valid location on the machine or any available UNC path (shared file or directory on a network). The Browse button displays a standard Windows File Open dialog box.

  4. On the third page of the wizard, enter desired command-line parameters.

  5. Click Finish to publish the shortcuts and exit to the Results pane.

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