You can use the following procedure to add a file type association, using the File Type Associations node in the Application Virtualization Client Management Console.

To add a file type association

  1. Right-click the File Type Associations node, and select New Association from the pop-up menu.

  2. Complete the first step of the dialog box by completing the following information, and then click Next:

    1. Extension—Enter a new file name extension. This field is blank by default.

    2. Create a new file type with this description—Select this radio button to enter a new file type description in the active field. This button is selected by default, and the active field is blank.

    3. Apply this file type to all users—Select this check box when you want this association to be global for all users. By default, this box is cleared.

    4. Link this extension with an existing file type—Select this radio button to associate the extension with an existing file type. Pick a file type from the drop-down list. When you choose this option, Next is changed to Finish.

  3. Complete the second step of the dialog box by completing the following information, and then click Finish to return to the Client Management Console:

    1. Change Icon—Click this button to change the application icon. Select one of the available icons, or browse to a new location and select an icon.

    2. Open files with the selected application—Select this radio button to open the file with an existing application. Choose an application from the drop-down list of available applications.

    3. Open file with the association described in this OSD file—Select this radio button to specify an Open Software Descriptor (OSD) file that determines the application used to open the file. Use the browse button to select an existing location, or enter a path or HTTP-formatted URL in this field.

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