The Publishing Servers Results pane can display a variety of columns. Name, URL, and Next Refresh are shown by default.

You can add or remove a column simply by right-clicking in the Results pane, selecting View, then selecting Add/Remove Columns.

The list can be sorted by any of the columns. Columns that contain dates and times are sorted in chronological order, not alphabetical. For columns that contain a mix of dates and times and text (for example, Next Refresh), dates and times are considered to come before any other text.

The available column names contain the following elements.


The display name for the server.

The protocol, server name, server port, and path combined into a URL.
Next User Refresh

The next time a refresh is scheduled for the current user. Displays the time if periodic refreshes are set up. Displays On Login if the server is set to refresh only on login. Displays Manual if automatic refresh is not enabled.
Default Refresh Policy

Displays Manual, On Login, or Periodic to describe how the server is configured.

The name or IP address for the server.

Displays HTTP or Virtual Application to indicate the server type.

The port on the server to be used.

The path on the server (generally just "/" for Application Virtualization Servers).
Last User Refresh

The time the last refresh occurred for the current user.
Last System Refresh

The last time a refresh happened from this server for any user.

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