You can clear an application from the console directly from the Results pane of the Application node in the Application Virtualization Client Management Console. When you clear an application, the system removes the settings, shortcuts, and file type associations that correspond to the application and also removes the application from the user’s list of applications.

When you clear an application from the console, you can no longer use that application. However, the application remains in cache and is still available to other users on the same system. After a publishing refresh, the cleared applications will again become available to you. If there are multiple applications in a package, the user's settings are not removed until all of the applications are cleared.

To clear an application from the console

  1. Move the cursor to the Results pane, right-click the desired application, and select Clear from the pop-up menu.

  2. At the confirmation prompt, click Yes to remove the application or click No to cancel the operation.