This topic provides links to information about required tasks that must be performed after installing the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2008 R2 components to make VMM fully functional in your environment. There is only one post-installation task that you must perform, which is to add at least one host to VMM.

There are several optional post-installation tasks that you might need to perform depending on how you are implementing VMM in your environment. For more information about the optional tasks, see Optional Post-Installation Tasks.

Adding Hosts

A virtual machine host is a physical computer that hosts one or more virtual machines. You must add at least one virtual machine host to VMM.

You can add Windows-based hosts that are in a trusted domain, in a domain that does not have a two-way trust with the VMM server’s domain, or on a perimeter network. You can also add ESX Server hosts after you have added a VMware VirtualCenter Server to VMM. For more information about adding a VMware VirtualCenter Server to VMM, see Managing a VMware Infrastructure 3 Environment in VMM ( For more information about adding hosts, see Adding Hosts (

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