Use the following procedure to modify general properties of a virtual machine. These include specifying a cost center and a tag for filtering and grouping virtual machines in Virtual Machines view. To modify general properties of a virtual machine, display the General Properties tab in Virtual Machine Properties and modify any of the following settings:

Setting Description

Name and Description

The virtual machine name identifies the virtual machine to Virtual Machine Manager.

Each virtual machine name must be unique on the virtual machine host. Giving different virtual machines the same name on different hosts can cause deployment or migration failures.

The virtual machine name does not need to match the computer name of the guest operating system. However, matching the two names ensures consistent displays when monitoring the virtual machine and the system and applications that run in it in Operations Manager.


Identify the owner of the virtual machine. The owner must have an Active Directory domain account.

If the virtual machine will be used in virtual machine self-service, enter the self-service user or group who will use the virtual machine as the owner. Then identify the self-service policy on the Settings tab. For more information, see How to Configure a Virtual Machine for Self-Service.

Cost center

Use the Cost center property to track resources allocated to the virtual machine by cost center. The Virtual Machine Allocation report provides information that you can use to calculate chargeback to cost centers for virtual machines. For more information, see Monitoring and Reporting.


Use tags to filter the results list in Virtual Machines view. The filters in Virtual Machines view include a Tag group. Each tag that you enter on a virtual machine is added to the group.

You can also add a Tag column to the results pane, and you can group virtual machines by that property. Use the Select Columns action on the toolbar to add the column to the display. This also adds the property to the drop-down list box for the Group by field.

Operating system

Select the operating system that will be installed on the virtual machine.

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