Use the PRO Tips window to monitor and implement the tips generated by Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO). Only active PRO tips are displayed; after an issue is resolved, the PRO tip is no longer active.

PRO tips are available for host groups and host clusters that have PRO tips enabled. The PRO tips configuration for the host group or cluster also determines the level of severity of PRO tips that are received and the level of severity of PRO tips that are automatically implemented. You might choose to receive both Critical- and Warning-level PRO tips but to automatically implement only Critical PRO tips.

To activate PRO, you must deploy System Center Operations Manager 2007 SP1, import PRO-enabled management packs into Operations Manager, enable PRO for the host clusters and host groups that you want to participate in PRO, and perform other tasks. For an overview of the PRO configuration, see Configuring Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO).
To monitor and implement PRO tips
  1. On the toolbar, click PRO Tips.

    The PRO Tips window opens, displaying PRO tips for the host groups and host clusters for which PRO is enabled. Only active PRO tips are displayed. If an issue, such as a temporary resource shortage on a host, resolves itself automatically, the PRO tip disappears from the display.

  2. You can take any of the following actions on a PRO tip:

    • To view details about a PRO tip, select the PRO tip. The Summary tab displays a description of the issue and provides knowledge for resolving the issue. Many PRO tips include a View Script link that displays the Windows PowerShell script that will implement the PRO tip.

    • To implement a PRO tip, select the PRO tip and click Implement.

      This option is not available for all PRO tips. For example, VMM can automatically quick migrate a virtual machine within its current host group or host cluster to resolve performance issues on one of the hosts. However, to resolve other issues, you might need to manually update a virtual machine's configuration. In the latter case, the knowledge for the PRO tip explains what to do.

      Only virtual machines that are running and that have not been excluded from host-level PRO tips are available for migration by PRO.
    • To remove a PRO tip from the display without taking any action, select the PRO tip and click Ignore.

      You only need to use this option if you choose not to leverage PRO to implement changes as a result of an issue. Each PRO tip is resolved automatically and removed when the related issue is resolved.

In Jobs view, you can view detailed status for the jobs that a PRO tip initiates. For any PRO-initiated job, the job details display the PRO tip identifier, and a PRO tab displays the status of each job that is associated with the PRO tip. For more information, see Monitoring Jobs in VMM.

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