Checkpoints allow you to restore a virtual machine to a previous state. You can create new checkpoints only when a virtual machine is deployed on a host.

You can also create a checkpoint while you manage checkpoints in Virtual Machine Properties. For more information, see How to Manage Checkpoints.

For a virtual machine that is running on Virtual Server, it is recommended that you shut down the virtual machine before creating a checkpoint. For more information, see About Checkpoints.
To create a checkpoint
  1. In Virtual Machines view, in the navigation pane, navigate to the host on which the virtual machine is deployed.

  2. In the results pane, select the virtual machine, and then, in the Actions pane, click New checkpoint.

    If the virtual machine is running on Virtual Server, VMM warns you that the checkpoint operation will shut down the virtual machine and ask if you want to continue. After the checkpoint is created, VMM restarts the virtual machine.
  3. In the New Checkpoint dialog box, enter a name to help identify the checkpoint, and optionally enter a description.

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