Use the following procedure to customize host ratings for a virtual machine when you deploy or migrate it. These settings override the system-wide placement defaults that are set through placement settings in Administration view.

This procedure provides instructions for customizing host ratings from any of the following wizards:

To customize host ratings for a virtual machine
  1. On the Select Virtual Machine Host page of the wizard, click Customize Ratings.

  2. Click the Placement options tab, and then select one of the following goals in determining the most suitable host for the virtual machine:

    • Load balancing—Host suitability is rated based on the intent to distribute the processing load equally among all of the hosts scoped for virtual machine placement.

    • Resource maximization—Host suitability is rated based on the intent to consolidate multiple low-utilization workloads on a single host. Virtual machine placement in these cases involves determining the capacity limits for a particular host and placing virtual machines on that host until the limits are reached.

  3. Under Resource importance, indicate the relative importance to place on CPU utilization, available memory, disk I/O, and network utilization when placing the current virtual machine.

  4. Click the VM Load tab, and then modify the current workload characterization for this virtual machine. For a new virtual machine, the values are the default values. For existing virtual machines, these values are updated based on the collected performance counters:

    • Under CPU:

      Expected utilization (%)—The default is 20%.

    • Under Disk:

      Required physical disk space (GB)—The default is 2 GB.

      Expected disk I/O per second (IOPS)—The default is 0.

    • Under Network:

      Expected utilization (megabits per second)—The default is 0.

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