During a library refresh, Virtual Machine Manager indexes files stored on library shares and then updates Library view and resource listings. By default, Virtual Machine Manager automatically refreshes library shares at 1-hour intervals. Use Library Settings, in Administration view, to change the frequency of library refreshes or to disable automatic library refreshes.

File types that are indexed during a library refresh

If your library contains very large sets of resources, you might prefer to manually refresh individual library shares or all shares on a library server after making changes to the files they store. This can help avoid the processing overhead of full library refreshes on the VMM server. How to perform manual library refreshes
To change the frequency of automatic library refreshes
  1. In Administration view, in the navigation pane, click General, and then click Library Settings in the results pane.

  2. In the Actions pane, under Settings, click Modify.

  3. In the Library Settings dialog box, select the check box and then specify the number of hours between library refreshes. You can set a refresh interval to be from 0–336 hours (14 days). Only whole numbers are accepted; decimal fractions will be rounded up to the next whole number.

    To disable automatic library refreshes, clear the check box.

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