You can modify the following systemwide settings for Virtual Machine Manager in General, Networking, and System Center nodes in Administration view.

Settings Group Description

General settings

Configure or view settings for a variety of features of VMM.

Customer Experience Improvement Program Settings

Join or withdraw from the optional Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP). Procedure

Database Connection

Find out the database server, SQL Server instance, and database that VMM uses. Procedure

Library Settings

Modify the frequency of, or disable, automatic library refreshes. Procedure

Placement Settings

Set systemwide defaults for calculating host ratings during virtual machine placement. Procedure

PRO Settings

Enable Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO) for monitors that affect PRO tips throughout your virtualized environment. Procedure

Remote Control

Assign default ports for connecting to virtual machines running on newly added Hyper-V and Virtual Server hosts, and optionally specify Virtual Machine Remote Control (VMRC) access accounts to grant administrators access to virtual machines on all managed Virtual Server hosts. Procedure

Self-Service Administrative E-mail Address

Specify the administrative contact for users creating and managing their own virtual machines through virtual machine self-service. Users will send e-mail to this address. Procedure

Networking settings

Configure settings to support networking in the virtualized environment.

Global Static MAC Address Range

Specify a range of static MAC addresses for VMM to assign to new virtual network devices that are added to new or existing virtual machines. Procedure

System Center settings

Configure settings that enable VMM to interoperate with System Center Operations Manager 2007 SP1.

Operations Manager Reporting URL

Specify the reporting server to use for Virtual Machine Manager. Until you specify the reporting server, Reporting view does not display in the VMM Administrator Console. Procedure

Operations Manager Server

Identify the root management server for Operations Manager, which provides performance data for health monitoring and Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO). Procedure

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