You can use templates to create new virtual machines repeatedly with standardized hardware and software settings. Self-service users must use assigned templates to create their virtual machines.

A virtual machine template is a library resource consisting of the following parts:

When you start the New Virtual Machine Wizard and select a template from the library, the virtual machine settings will be set to those specified in the template. You can override the settings if you choose.

If you create a new virtual machine from a template, you cannot store the virtual machine in the library but must place it on a host. That is because the customization step cannot be completed offline.

In This Section

Sources for Virtual Machine Templates

Describes how to create a virtual machine template from an existing virtual hard disk and from a virtual machine.

How to Modify the Properties of a Virtual Machine Template

Describes how to navigate to a specific template and to modify template properties.

How to Remove a Virtual Machine Template

Describes how to remove a template from the Virtual Machine Manager library.

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