You can remove a library server from Virtual Machine Manager by using the following procedure. When you remove a library server, the Library Server role is removed from the Virtual Machine Manager agent. If the server is not performing any other roles in VMM (such as Virtual Machine Host), the VMM agent is removed from the computer.

When you remove a highly available library server from VMM, the cluster is removed from Library view. The individual nodes in the cluster are not removed, although they are not displayed in the library. To remove the nodes from VMM, remove the VMM agent from each computer in Administration view, under the Managed Computers node.

Another way to remove a library server is to remove the managed computer role in Administration view. For more information, see How to Remove a Managed Computer Role.
To remove a library server
  1. In Library view, expand Library Servers in the navigation pane, and then navigate to the library server that you want to remove.

  2. In the Actions pane, under Library Server, click Remove.

  3. In the credentials dialog box, specify a domain account that has administrative credentials on the library server, and then click Yes.

  4. If any of the files on the library shares on the server are linked to other resources in Virtual Machine Manager, you will receive a confirmation prompt that lists the linked resources. If you proceed, VMM removes any references to the removed files from the dependent resources.

  5. If you removed a highly available library server, optionally remove the VMM agent from each cluster node:

    1. In Administration view, expand Managed Computers in the navigation pane.

    2. In the results pane, select the computers in the cluster.

    3. In the Actions pane, under Agent, click Remove.

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