The Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal is a Web site through which self-service users can create and operate their own virtual machines within a controlled environment. Using the Self-Service Portal, self-service users can see only the virtual machines that they own, and are allowed to perform only the actions that the user role associated with the virtual machine allows.

The Self-Service Portal is installed by using a Setup wizard. For information, see "Installing the VMM Self-Service Portal" in VMM Setup Help. After installing the portal, must you must create a self-service user group to grant users permissions to use the portal. For more information, see How to Create a Self-Service User Role.

To open the VMM Self-Service Portal on the Web server To open the VMM Self-Service Portal in a Web browser
  1. In a Web browser, specify the portal Web site in one of the following formats:

    • If the Self-Service Portal Web site is using a dedicated port, type http:// followed by the computer name of the Web server, a colon (:), and then the port number. For example, http://WebServer:80

    • If not, type http:// followed by the host header name.

    • If SSL has been enabled, then the Web site address will be https:// followed either by the Web server name and port or the host header name.

  2. Enter your user credentials in the format of UserDomain\UserName, and then click Log On.

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