The delegated administrator user role grants users administrator permissions within a defined scope.

To create a Delegated Administrator user role
  1. In the VMM Administrator Console, in User Roles view, click New User Role in the Actions pane.

  2. Complete the New User Role Wizard.

Wizard Page Action


Type a User role name and Description, and then select Delegated Administrator in the User Role Profile list.

Add Members

Click Add and then type the names of the Active Directory users or groups you want to add to this role.

Select Scope

Select the host groups and library servers that you want to enable members of the user role to manage.


Review the user role settings. To change settings, click Previous. To create the User Role, click Create.

Use the View Script button to display the Windows PowerShell - Virtual Machine Manager cmdlets that will perform the operation. All administrative tasks in Virtual Machine Manager can be performed at the command line or scripted.

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