To find out the status of operations in Virtual Machine Manager, administrators monitor detailed job status instead of alerts. You can perform comprehensive job monitoring through Jobs view or through the Jobs window, which can be displayed from any view. Reporting is provided through System Center Operations Manager 2007.

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About Jobs

Learn how VMM handles jobs, job groups, and multi-job processes.
Monitoring Jobs in VMM

In Jobs view, view a complete listing of VMM jobs that you can search, sort, filter, and group. Open a Jobs window to monitor the progress of your long-running jobs while you work in any view. Get information about the latest job for a virtual machine or host. View job status summaries for PRO tips.
How to Restart a Job

Restart a job in Jobs view or from the Jobs window.
How to Cancel a Job

Cancel a job in Jobs view or from the Jobs window.
Setting Up Reporting in VMM

Review the tasks involved in setting up reporting, with references to more information.
Using Reports in VMM

Order reports in Reporting view of the VMM Administrator Console and from the Operations Console for Operations Manager 2007.

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