You can grant library access to members of a self-service user group using the following procedure. If you allow the self-service users to store their virtual machines on a library share, the stored virtual machines do not count against any virtual machine quota that you set in the self-service user role.

The virtual machines are stored on the path that you specify on an existing library share. The self-service users do not know the physical location of their stored virtual machines. For information about adding library servers and shares, see Adding File-Based Resources to the Library.

To enable self-service users to store virtual machines
  1. From the User Roles view in the VMM Administrator Console, select the self-service user role you want to modify.

  2. In the Actions pane, click Properties, and then click the Store VM tab.

  3. Select Allow users to store virtual machines in a library to grant permission to store virtual machines. You can allow users to attach ISO images to their virtual machines by selecting a Library path that contains ISO images.

  4. Specify where to store the virtual machines owned by the user or group:

    1. Select a library server and share from the list.

    2. To specify a path for the virtual machines on the selected library server, click Browse by the Library path field, and then navigate to the folder where you want to store the virtual machines. To allow users to attach ISO images to their virtual machines, select the folder containing the ISO images the users should have access to.

      The Select Destination Folder dialog box shows only folders within designated library shares. For information about adding shares to a library server, see How to Add Library Shares.

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