If you are no longer using the resources on a library share, you can remove the library share to remove the resources from the Virtual Machine Manager library. Removing a library share does not delete the files; the resources simply are no longer indexed during library refreshes. This provides a way to temporarily remove resources that are not in use.

When you remove a library share, VMM lists any files on the share that are linked to virtual machines, guest operating system profiles, hardware profiles, or virtual machine templates elsewhere in Virtual Machine Manager. If you proceed, VMM removes the references to the files that were removed from any dependent resources.

Another way to temporarily remove a resource from use in new virtual machines and other resources is to disable the resource. For more information, see How to Temporarily Disable Library Resources.
To remove a library share by using the Remove action
  1. In Library view, expand Library Servers in the navigation pane, and then navigate to the library server that contains the share that you want to remove.

  2. With the share selected, in the Actions pane, under Library Share, click Remove.

    If any of the files on the share are linked to other resources in Virtual Machine Manager, you will receive a confirmation prompt that lists the linked resources. If you proceed, VMM removes any references to the removed files from the dependent resources.

  3. At the confirmation prompt, click Yes.

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