The Virtual Machine Manager library is a catalog that gives access to file-based resources (such as Sysprep scripts, ISO images, and virtual hard disks) that are stored on your library servers and to virtual machine templates, guest operating system profiles, and hardware profiles that reside in the VMM database. You can also store virtual machines in the library when they are not in use.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Virtual Machine Manager Library

Get answers to frequently asked questions about configuring the Virtual Machine Manager library; managing files; viewing stored virtual machines, virtual machine templates, hardware profiles, and guest operating system profiles; running Windows PowerShell scripts; and adding a highly available library server comprised of a Windows Server 2008 failover cluster.
Adding File-Based Resources to the Library

You must add the building blocks that you use to create virtual machines and templates—such as virtual hard disks, ISO images, and scripts—to the VMM library. To configure the library, add library servers and specify the library shares that you want to index in VMM. All library shares are refreshed periodically; to get immediate access to files you just added, perform a manual library refresh. This section provides procedures for adding library servers and library shares, performing manual library refreshes on library shares and servers, creating library groups, enabling unencrypted file transfers, and setting properties on files in the library.
Removing File-Based Resources from the Library

To ensure that you do not remove any files that are in use by a virtual machine or template, it is recommended that you remove file-based resources through VMM. This section provides procedures for temporarily disabling a resource, removing resources from the library, removing a library share, and removing a library server.
Viewing and Running Windows PowerShell Scripts

In VMM 2008, you can view and run Windows PowerShell scripts in Library view if you store the scripts in the library. This topic provides procedures for viewing and running the scripts.
Working with Stored Virtual Machines

This topic answers two questions: Where do I find my stored virtual machines? What actions can I perform on them?

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