To be used in Virtual Machine Manager, files—including ISO images, scripts, virtual hard disks, and virtual floppy disks—must be added to the VMM library. The topics in this section describe how to add library servers, add library shares, add files to existing library shares, and perform library refreshes to index the resources on library shares.

In This Section

How to Add a Library Server

Provides a procedure for adding a library server and designating the shares that will be indexed in the Virtual Machine Manager library.
How to Assign Library Groups

Provides procedures for adding a library group property to your library servers and then adding the property to the Library view display.
How to Add Library Shares

Provides a procedure for adding additional library shares on an existing library server.
How to Add Files to the Library

Discusses file management on existing library shares.
How to Allow Unencrypted File Transfers for a Library Server

Provides a procedure for allowing unencrypted file transfers to and from a library server.
How to Modify the Properties of a File

Provides a procedure for modifying the properties of a file in VMM.
How to Perform Manual Library Refreshes

Provides procedures for manually refreshing a library share or a library server to index the files in VMM.
File Types That Are Indexed During a Library Refresh

Explains which file types are indexed during a library refresh and which of the indexed file types are added to the library as library resources.

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