The self-service user role determines which actions an owner can take on their virtual machine. However, the self-service user role does not specify the owner. To make a virtual machine available to a self-service user or group, you must specify that account as the Owner on the General tab in Virtual Machine Properties. For more information about the self-service user role, see How to Create a Self-Service User Role.

Use the Settings tab in Virtual Machine Properties to specify how many quota points to apply against the virtual machine quota for the owner or owner’s user role. For more information, see About Virtual Machine Self-Service.

The following procedure includes the required settings in Virtual Machine Properties for assigning a virtual machine to a self-service user or group.

To make the virtual machine available to the user or group, you must deploy the virtual machine on a host that is included in the scope of the self-service user role. For an overview of the self-service setup, see Setting Up Virtual Machine Self-Service.
To configure a virtual machine for self-service
  1. In the Virtual Machine Properties dialog box, display the General tab. In Owner, enter the user or group who will own the virtual machine.

  2. On the Settings tab, specify how many Quota points to apply against the self-service user's virtual machine quota when this virtual machine is deployed.

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