To enable self-service users to create virtual machines, you must grant the self-service user group permission to create new virtual machines, assign virtual machine templates for the members of the group to use, and optionally set a virtual machine quota to limit the number of machines the users can deploy at one time.

To enable self-service users to create virtual machines
  1. From the User Roles view in the VMM Administrator Console, select the self-service user role you want to modify.

  2. Click Properties in the Actions pane, and then click the Create VM tab.

  3. To grant users permission to create virtual machines, select the Allow users to create new virtual machines check box.

  4. The users will create their virtual machines from the virtual machine templates that you provide. To add templates:

    1. Click Add.

      The Select a Template dialog box displays the templates that are available in the Virtual Machine Manager library.

    2. To add a template, select the template, and then click OK.

      For information about creating templates, see Working with Virtual Machine Templates.

  5. Under Virtual machine quota, optionally set a quota on deployed virtual machines for the user or group:

    1. Select Set quota for deployed virtual machines.

    2. In Maximum quota points allowed for this user role, specify how many quota points the users in this role will be allowed. This will allow each user in this user role to create virtual machines until they have reached this quota. To limit the user role as a group to the maximum quota points, select the Share quota across user role members check box. This will allow the group to create virtual machines until the group has reached the quota, regardless of how many points each individual has deployed.

      The virtual machine template determines the number of quota points assigned to each virtual machine that is created from it.

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