Use the PRO tab in the Host Cluster Properties dialog box to enable and configure Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO) for the virtual machine hosts in a host cluster.

PRO provides workload- and application-aware resource optimization within host clusters and host groups. PRO is implemented through PRO tips, which can recommend or automatically implement actions such as virtual machine migration or virtual machine right-sizing based on policies implemented through System Center Operations Manager 2007. If you configure a host cluster for automatic implementation of PRO tips, VMM can migrate virtual machines transparently between hosts in the cluster.

You will not begin receiving PRO tips for the host cluster until you configure PRO for Virtual Machine Manager. This includes deploying Operations Manager and PRO-enabled management packs. For an overview of the PRO configuration, see Configuring Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO).
To configure PRO for a host cluster
  1. In Hosts view, in the navigation pane, select the host cluster node.

  2. In the Actions pane, under Host Cluster, click Properties.

  3. In the Host Cluster Properties dialog box, click the PRO tab.

  4. To use the PRO settings for the host cluster’s parent host group, select the Inherit PRO settings from parent host group check box. If you choose not to use the parent host group’s PRO settings, complete the remaining steps to determine which PRO tips are received and which are automatically implemented for the cluster.

  5. Select the Enable PRO on this host cluster check box.

  6. To determine which PRO tips will be received for this cluster, select the severity level: Critical Only or Warning and Critical.

    You can have VMM automatically implement PRO tips—for example, VMM might automatically migrate a virtual machine to a different cluster node when either host performance or virtual machine performance falls below a certain threshold—or you can choose to implement the PRO tips manually from the PRO Tips window. Some PRO tips require manual intervention.

  7. If you want to automatically implement PRO tips for the cluster:

    1. Select the Automatically implement PRO tips on this host cluster check box.

    2. Select the severity of PRO tips that you want to automatically implement for the cluster: Critical Only or Warning and Critical.

    Notice that you can choose to monitor both Warning and Critical PRO tips, but choose to automatically implement only Critical PRO tips.

PRO configuration changes do not take effect for several minutes while VMM updates the memberships of certain Operations Manager groups and then forwards the changes to the Operations Manager agents.

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