This section provides instructions for performing tasks in Administration view.

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Managing User Roles

Create, modify, and remove user roles for VMM administrators, delegated administrators, and self-service users.
Managing Agents on Managed Computers

Update, reassociate, and remove the VMM agents on managed virtual machine hosts, library servers, and VMware VirtualCenter servers. For a highly available library server, remove individual nodes in a cluster from VMM after removing the cluster node from the library.
Configuring VMM to Manage a VMware Infrastructure 3 Environment

Add VMware VirtualCenter servers so that VMM can manage the hosts and virtual machines in your VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3) environment. Import VMware templates to the VMM library. Update the credentials that VMM uses to connect to the VMware VirtualCenter server.
Configuring VMM Settings

Configure settings that enable and customize features of Virtual Machine Manager.
Backing Up and Restoring the VMM Database

Back up the Virtual Machine Manager database as part of a comprehensive backup plan for protecting all VMM data, including data on hosts, virtual machines, and library servers.

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