Software updates catalogs are used to import sets of related software updates into the System Center Updates Publisher 2011 repository. You can import software updates from software updates catalogs that are created by organizations other than Microsoft, including your organization, and vendor software updates catalogs that have been registered with Microsoft. The registered vendor catalogs are referred to as “partner catalogs”.

The Catalogs Workspace

The Catalogs workspace allows you to manage software updates catalogs. In the Catalogs workspace, you can use the icons in the ribbon to add software updates catalog subscriptions, edit or remove a subscription, and you can import the software updates from the catalogs into the Updates Publisher 2011 repository. You can also select a catalog subscription and right-click Edit, Remove, or Import.

The My software updates catalogs list contains catalog subscriptions that allow you to do other tasks without having to remember the details of where the catalogs are stored. In addition, Updates Publisher 2011 uses this list to automatically send you an alert when the latest version of a catalog is updated. When you select a software updates catalog from the list, a summary of the catalog is displayed that contains additional information, such as a description of the catalog. The My software updates catalogs list displays the following information:

  • Publisher: The name of the company or organization who created the catalog.

  • Name: The name of the software updates catalog.

  • Last Imported: The date and time when the catalog was last imported into the Updates Publisher 2011 repository.

  • Last Modified: The date and time when the catalog subscription was added or last edited.

  • Path: The location from where the catalog can be downloaded.

The procedures in this section describe how to use the icons in the Catalogs workspace to add, edit, and remove subscriptions to software updates catalogs, and how to import software updates from catalogs into the Updates Publisher 2011 repository.

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