Use this procedure to edit software updates catalog subscriptions that is listed in My software updates catalogs. You cannot edit a subscription to a partner catalog.

To edit a software update catalog subscription

  1. In the Updates Publisher 2011 console, click Catalogs. The Catalogs workspace is listed in the console tree.

  2. In My software updates catalogs, select the catalog subscription that you want to edit.

  3. On the Home tab, click Edit Catalog.

  4. In the Edit Catalog dialog box, change any of the following fields, and then OK to accept the changes.

    • Catalog Path: Specifies the local drive path, network path, or URL path to where the .cab file is stored.

    • Publisher: Specifies the organization or manufacturer who created the catalog.

    • Name: Specifies the name that is used to reference the catalog.

    • Description: Specifies a description of the software updates that are in the catalog.

    • Support URL: Specifies a URL where support information for the catalog is available. You must use lowercase letters when specifying “http” or “https” in the Support URL field.

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