Use this procedure to expire software updates that exist on the update server, but are not in the Updates Publisher 2011 repository. When this procedure is completed, the software updates that you select expire on the update server, and Configuration Manager will be notified of the status change and disable the selected software updates from any future deployments. This action cannot be reversed. Only perform this action when you are sure that the software updates are no longer required.

To remove expired software updates

  1. Click Options icon, and then click Options.

  2. Click Advanced in the System Center Updates Publisher dialog box.

  3. Under Software Update Cleanup Wizard, select Start.

  4. Select the software updates that you want to expire, and then click Next.

  5. Review the information on this page to ensure that the software updates that you selected are correct. After you close this wizard, you cannot go back and reverse this action.

    • To go back and add or remove a software update, click Previous and change the software updates that you selected.

    • To accept the selected software updates, click Next.

  6. Updates Publisher 2011 displays a Progress page while it is compiling the list of software updates to expire, and then displays a Confirmation page that shows the compiled list of software updates.

  7. Click Close to exit the Software Update Cleanup Wizard.

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