You can assign one or more IT GRC Process Management Pack applicability groups to a control activity in the Service Manager Console.

To assign an IT GRC Process Management Pack applicability group to a control activity

  1. Click Start, click All Programs, click Microsoft System Center, click Service Manager 2010, and then click Service Manager Console.

    The System Center Service Manager Console starts.

  2. In the Service Manager Console, in the Navigation pane, click Compliance and Risk Items.

  3. In the Compliance and Risk Items pane, go to the All Compliance and Risk Items/Control Management/Control Activities/All Automated Control Activities location.

  4. In the Results pane, click <control_activity> (where control_activity is the name of the control activity that you want to edit).

  5. In the Tasks pane, click Edit.

    The Control Activity property form displays.

  6. On the Control Activity form, on the General tab, under Applicable Groups, click Add.

    The Select Objects dialog box appears.

  7. Complete the Select Objects dialog box by performing the following steps:

    1. In Available objects, click <applicability_group> (where applicability_group is the name of the applicability group you wish to add to the control activity), and then click Add.

      The applicability group appears in the Selected objects list box.

      You can use the Search by name box to help search for a specific applicability group.
    2. Continue to perform step 7a until all the appropriate applicability groups are selected.

    3. Click OK.

      The selected applicability groups appear in the Applicability Groups list box.

      You can remove unnecessary applicability groups by clicking the applicability group and then clicking Remove.
  8. In the Control Activity form, click OK.