You can review key elements, such as control objectives, control activities, and the risks of a program in Microsoft Excel. To open a program in Excel, use the procedure in the Service Manager console.

Note: You must install Microsoft Excel 2007 and the Compliance and Risk Process Management Client, to access them from the console in order to make this procedure work.

To open a program in Excel

  1. In the Service Manager console, in the Navigation pane, select Compliance and Risk Items.
  2. In the Compliance and Risk Items pane, expand All Compliance and Risk Items, expand Program Management, and then select All Programs.
  3. In the All Programs view, select a program.
  4. In the Task pane, click Open Program in Excel.

This opens a Microsoft Excel <Book1> workbook with a set of worksheets containing your control objectives, control activities, and risks, and the SM Excel add-in.

  1. In the Microsoft Excel <Book1> workbook, you can now use the SM add-in to make updates to your program as needed.