Use the following procedure to relate  a Control Objective to a risk in the Service Manager console.

To relate a Control Objective to a risk

  1. In the Service Manager console, in the Navigation pane, select Compliance and Risk Items.
  2. In the Compliance and Risk Items pane, expand All Compliance and Risk Items, expand Risk Management, and then select All Risks.
  3. In the All Risks view, select the risk that you want to relate to a Control Objective.
  4. In the Task pane, Click Edit.
  5. In the Risk <ri_id> form, click the Related Items tab to view all related items for this risk.
  6. In the Supporting Control Objectives section of the Related Items tab, click Add…
  7. In the Select objects dialog box, search for the Control Objective to which you want to associate the risk, select it, click Add, and then click OK to add the risk to the Control Objective.

    The Control Objective displays in the Supporting Control Objectives section.