Control Objective templates accelerate the creation of control objectives by providing information about them that you can map to authority documents.

Use the following procedure to create a new Control Objective from templates that are available in the in the GRC knowledge library.

To create a new Control Objective from a template

  1. In the Service Manager console, in the Navigation pane, select Compliance and Risk Items.
  2. In the Compliance and Risk Items pane, expand All Compliance and Risk Items, expand Control Management, expand Control Objectives, and then select All Control Objectives.
  3. In the Task pane, click Create Control Objective from Template.
  4. In the Select Template dialog box, search for the Control Objective template that you want to use, select it, and then click OK.

    The Control Objective <co_id> form appears with many of the boxes of the Control Objective prepopulated, where co_id is the unique identifier for the new Control Objective that you are creating.

  5. Complete the Control Objective <co_id> form using the information in the following table, and then click OK to create a new Control Objective from the template.

    Required Control Objective Form Information




  • Title of the Control Objective.
  • Owner of the Control Objective.