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Class Description
InstanceTypeSubscription Represents the instance type subscription.
NotificationSubscription Represents the notification subscription.
NotificationSubscriptionRecipient Represents a notification subscription recipient.
NotificationSubscriptionRecipientList Represents a notification subscription recipient list.
RelationshipTypeSubscription Represents the relationship type subscription.
SubscriptionJobStatus Represents the subscription job status.
SubscriptionTypeBase Specifies the base class used for subscription configuration.
TimerTypeSubscription Represents the timer type subscription.
WorkflowArrayParameterValue Represents a workflow array parameter value.
WorkflowParametersDictionary Represents a dictionary of workflow parameters.
WorkflowParameterValue Represents a single-valued workflow parameter.
WorkflowParameterValueBase Specifies the base class used for a single-valued or array-valued workflow parameter.
WorkflowSubscription Represents a workflow subscription.
WorkflowSubscriptionBase Specifies the base class used for workflow subscription configuration.


Interface Description
IInstanceTypeSubscription Provides a property for accessing the seed type used in populating the template.
INotificationSubscription Exposes property notification subscriptions.
INotificationSubscriptionRecipient Exposes properties that support the notification subscription recipient.
INotificationSubscriptionRecipientList Represents a list of notification subscription recipients.
IRelationshipTypeSubscription Represents the relationship type subscription.
ISubscriptionManagement Manages workflow and notification subscriptions.
ISubscriptionTypeBase Represents the subscription type base.
ITimerTypeSubscription Provides a property for accessing the timer subscription schedule.
IWorkflowArrayParameterValue Provides a property for accessing an array of workflow parameter values.
IWorkflowParameters Represents workflow parameters.
IWorkflowParameterValue Provides a property for accessing a single-valued workflow parameter.
IWorkflowParameterValueBase Provides properties for accessing a single-valued or array-valued workflow parameter.
IWorkflowSubscription Represents a workflow subscription.
IWorkflowSubscriptionBase Manages rule-based subscriptions with Microsoft Windows workflow-based write actions.


Enumeration Description
NotificationSubscriptionRecipientType Specifies the notification subscription recipient types.
OperationType Specifies the operation types.
WorkflowParameterType Specifies the workflow parameter types.
WorkflowSubscriptionType Specifies the workflow subscription types.

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