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Class Description
ActionAccountSecureData Represents an action account.
BasicCredentialSecureData Represents a basic credential secure data item.
CommunityStringSecureData Represents a community string secure data item.
DigestCredentialSecureData Represents a digest credential secure data item.
GenericSecureData Represents a generic secure data item.
Operation Represents the operation.
OperationImplicitScope Represents the class, property, and relationship to which the operation is restricted.
Profile Specifies a logical profile.
SecureData Specifies the base class used for a secure data item in the system.
SecureDataHealthServiceReference Defines a secure data health service reference.
SimpleCredentialSecureData Represents a simple credential secure data item.
UserNameAndDomainSecureData Represents a secure data object that has a user name and domain.
UserNameSecureData Represents a secure data object that has a user name.
UserRole Represents the user role.
UserRoleScope Represents the user role scope.
WindowsCredentialSecureData Represents a windows credential secure data item.


Enumeration Description
OperationScopeTypes Specifies the scope types for the operation.
ProfileScopeTypes Defines the scope types for the profile.
SecureDataType Specifies the available secure data types.

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