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Contains all management pack dependency references in a management pack.

Schema Hierarchy



<References>   <Reference>…</Reference></References>

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent element of the References element.



Child Elements

Element Description

Reference (Manifest)

Optional element. Represents the reference identity of an external management pack. A References element can contain zero or more Reference (Manifest) elements.

Parent Elements

Element Description


Contains the identity, name, and dependency references of the management pack.


References are used in your management pack when you want to reference the public type definitions and monitoring workflows of other sealed management packs. All the core type definitions and workflows are defined in management packs that are shipped with Service Manager. These are imported by default and are used by most management packs.

For an example of how the References element is expressed in a management pack, see Manifest.


Following is a sample of how a management pack typically references a core type definition. In this case, a condition detection module is implementing a ConditionDetectionModuleType type that is defined in the System.Library management pack.

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<Reference Alias="System">
<ConditionDetection ID="SuccessFilter" TypeID="System!System.ExpressionFilter">
		<Value Type="UnsignedInteger">0</Value>

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