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Allows you to access the instances of entity types that are defined in a management pack. For example, instances of management pack classes and type projections are accessed through this interface’s methods.

The following tables list the members exposed by the IEntityObjectsManagement type.

Public Methods

  Name Description
public method GetObject Gets an EnterpriseManagementObject class instance from a unique identifier.
public method GetObjectHistoryTransactions Gets the history transactions of an EnterpriseManagementObject class instance.
public method GetObjectProjectionReader Gets the type projection objects that are defined in the current management group.
public method GetObjectProjectionWithAccessRights Gets an object projection along with property and relationship access rights of the projection by using an identifier.
public method GetObjectReader Overloaded.  
public method GetObjectWithAccessRights Gets an enterprise management object with property access rights from the provided unique identifier.
public method GetParentObjects Gets the parent objects of the specified object.
public method GetRelatedObjects Overloaded.  
public method GetRelationshipObject Gets a relationship object by using an identifier.
public method GetRelationshipObjects Overloaded.  
public method GetRelationshipObjectsBySourceClass Overloaded.  
public method GetRelationshipObjectsByTargetClass Overloaded.  
public method GetRelationshipObjectsWhereSource Overloaded.  
public method GetRelationshipObjectsWhereTarget Overloaded.  
public method RefreshGroupMembers Refreshes the members of any groups that are provided by the management pack group population rules.

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