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Represents a managed entity instance.

The following tables list the members exposed by the SdkEntityInstance type.

Public Fields

  Name Description
public field Id Represents the unique identifier of the instance.
public field keyPropertyPairsList Represents a list of ID-object pairs of key properties.
public field lastModified Represents the date and time of when this instance was last modified.
public field operation Represents the type of operation this instance is.
public field optimisticConcurrency Specifies whether optimistic concurrency is required.
public field propertyPairsList Represents a list of ID-object pairs of non-key properties.
public field typeId Represents an identifier of a non-abstract managed entity type.

Public Methods (see also Protected Methods)

  Name Description
public methodstatic Create Creates a new instance of the SdkEntityInstance structure.
public method Equals  Overloaded. (inherited from ValueType)
public method GetHashCode  (inherited from ValueType)
public method GetType  (inherited from Object)
public methodstatic ReferenceEquals  (inherited from Object)
public method ToString  (inherited from ValueType)
public method WriteXml Writes the current structure instance to an XML writer.

Protected Methods

  Name Description
protected method Finalize  (inherited from Object)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (inherited from Object)

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