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Contains definitions of class types to be discovered and/or monitored.

Schema Hierarchy



   <ClassType ID=”Company.Product.ClassID” Comment=”Comment” Accessibility=”Internal/Public” Abstract=” True/False” Base=”BaseClassID” Hosted=” True/False” Singleton=”True/False”>…</ClassType>

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and the parent element for the ClassTypes element.



Child Elements

Element Description


Optional element. Represents a class type definition in the management pack.

Parent Elements

Element Description


Contains class type, relationship type, enumeration type, and type projection definitions.


For an example of how the ClassTypes element is expressed in a management pack, see EntityTypes.


The following sample illustrates how class types are defined within a management pack. Notice that two of the class types, System.WorkItem.Activity and System.Reviewer, have base classes that are defined in an external management pack using the Alias!ElementID.

For more information about how to reference an external management pack by using the Alias!ElementID notation, see Reference (Manifest).

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  <ClassType ID="System.WorkItem.Activity" Accessibility="Public" Base="WorkItem!System.WorkItem" Hosted="false" Abstract="true">
	<Property ID="SequenceId" Type="int" />
	<Property ID="Notes" Type="richtext" MaxLength="4000" />
	<Property ID="Status" Type="enum" EnumType="ActivityStatusEnum" />
	<Property ID="Priority" Type="enum" EnumType="ActivityPriorityEnum" />
	<Property ID="Area" Type="enum" EnumType="ActivityAreaEnum" />
	<Property ID="Stage" Type="enum" EnumType="ActivityStageEnum" />
  <ClassType ID="System.WorkItem.Activity.ManualActivity" Accessibility="Public" Base="System.WorkItem.Activity" Hosted="false" Abstract="false"></ClassType>
  <ClassType ID="System.WorkItem.Activity.ReviewActivity" Accessibility="Public" Base="System.WorkItem.Activity" Hosted="false" Abstract="false">
	<Property ID="ApprovalCondition" Type="enum" EnumType="ApprovalEnum" />
	<Property ID="ApprovalPercentage" Type="int" />
	<Property ID="Comments" Type="string" />
	<Property ID="LineManagerShouldReview" Type="bool" DefaultValue="false"/>
	<Property ID="OwnersOfConfigItemShouldReview" Type="bool" DefaultValue="false"/>
  <ClassType ID="System.Reviewer" Accessibility="Public" Base="SupportingItem!System.SupportingItem" Hosted="false" Abstract="false">
	<Property ID="ReviewerId" Type="string" Key="true" AutoIncrement="true" DefaultValue="{0}"/>
	<Property ID="Decision" Type="enum" EnumType="DecisionEnum" DefaultValue="DecisionEnum.NotYetVoted"/>
	<Property ID="DecisionDate" Type="datetime" />
	<Property ID="Comments" Type="string" />
	<Property ID="Veto" Type="bool" DefaultValue="false" />
	<Property ID="MustVote" Type="bool" DefaultValue="false" />

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