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Represents an external management pack as a dependency reference in a management pack.

Schema Hierarchy

    References (Manifest)


<Reference Alias="System">   <ID>System.Library</ID>   <Version>6.1.7221.0</Version>   <PublicKeyToken>31bf3856ad364e35</PublicKeyToken></Reference>

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and the parent element of the Reference element.


Attribute Description


A short name used when referencing an element inside the referenced management pack.

Child Elements

Element Description

ID (Identity)

Required element. Represents the ID of the referenced management pack.

Version (Reference)

Required element. Represents the version number of the referenced management pack.

PublicKeyToken (Reference)

Required element. Represents the public key token of the referenced signed and sealed management pack.

Parent Elements

Element Description

References (Manifest)

Contains all management pack dependency references in a management pack.


The value of Alias for each Reference element must be unique within the management pack. Also, a referenced management pack cannot be assigned to two different aliases within a single management pack.

You can reference only sealed management packs within your management pack. To do this, you must get the public key token of the sealed management pack. To learn how to get a public key token from a sealed management pack, see PublicKeyToken (Reference).

The syntax for referencing an element within an external management pack is Alias!ElementID. For an example, see the sample that follows.

The Reference element represents the strong name of the referenced management pack.


The following sample illustrates how to use the Alias property to reference an element in an external management pack. A WriteAction (WriteActionModuleType) module references the System.CommandExecuter WriteActionModuleType definition. The write action module type is defined within the referenced System.Library management pack whose Alias is System.

  Copy Code
  <Name>Management Pack Sample</Name>
	<Reference Alias="SCDW">
	<Reference Alias="SC">
	<Reference Alias="Windows">
	<Reference Alias="Health">
	<Reference Alias="System">
	<Reference Alias="Performance">


  <WriteAction ID="StartService" TypeID="System!System.CommandExecuter">
	 <WorkingDirectory />
	 <CommandLine>\\$Config/ComputerName$ start $Config/ServiceName$</CommandLine>

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