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Represents the assembly and type information of a module type definition.

Schema Hierarchy

        ModuleImplementation (WriteActionModuleType)


<Managed>   <Assembly>Assembly Name</Assembly>   <Type>Type Name</Type>

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and the parent element of the Managed element.



Child Elements

Element Description

Assembly (WriteActionModuleType)

Required element. Represents the assembly name in which a module type is defined.

Type (WriteActionModuleType)

Required element. Represents the type name of a module type.

Parent Elements

Element Description

ModuleImplementation (WriteActionModuleType)

Defines the implementation type for native or managed module type definitions and defines the composite elements for composite module type definitions.


Currently, the creation of managed code modules is not supported. Instead, you can create composite modules by wrapping other native, managed, or composite modules. For more information about the structure of composite modules, see Composite (WriteActionModuleType).

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